Our Mission: We exist to trust & celebrate the Gospel, gather people in Groups so they can grow stronger and Go into the world and make a difference where life exists.

We believe that the gospel the "good news" that Jesus came and died in our place on a cross is the most life changing news in the world. The Gospel has the power to change our lives, families and world. All we have to do is believe it and trust in it. We should enjoy and revel in the good news of Jesus Christ and this will bring us the greatest joy, freedom and healing.
We believe that we grow stronger and better when we are with others. Life is better together. Decisions are better, burdens are lighter and joys are shared. Every person has something to learn from others and every person has something to offer others.
We believe God has created every person for an amazing purpose. They will achieve that purpose and their destiny as they find out what God made them to do. God doesn't necessarily want us to do big things, but he wants us to do small things in a big way. We believe in going and sharing the gospel, loving other where life exists. This begins with our families, friends and neighbors.