Our vision is a picture of where our church is going. It’s based on our past history and the faithfulness of God and the people who have sacrifice to make Plaza the unique place that it is and it looks forward to the future of continuing to create an amazing community where people of all ages and races can encounter God.


Our Vision is: To be a MULTICULTURAL church that welcomes all who are far from God, that MAKES DISCIPLES who are equipped to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our city and the world for the Glory of God.

Vision Details
* It is the DREAM of a diverse Sunday Morning gathering that includes all ages and races joyfully worshiping together. Respecting each other’s differences and loving and serving one another. * It is the DREAM of creating a place where the hurting, depressed, frustrated and confused of our community can find new LIFE in Christ. Which will come through the love, acceptance, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement this body provides. * It is the DREAM of sharing the Gospel with our community and believing God to see 700 people accept Christ in the next 10 years.
* It is the DREAM of Disciples who continually make disciples. The truths of God are continually modeled and shared with others. These disciples are going deep and are deeply connected to others. They are saturated in the Bible and they are saturated in each other’s lives. Christ is real to them every day, not just on Sunday. * It is the DREAM of healthy disciples who are equipped to find their calling by helping them identify their spiritual gifts and the talents God gave them.
* It is the DREAM of seeing these healthy disciples sent out into the world to make a difference. It is empowering every member to make a difference where life exists. It is also Raising up and sending out career missionaries, pastors and other church leaders who can plant churches for generations to come. * It is the DREAM of stewarding the building and the land that generations before sacrificed to provide us and creating a simple, yet beautiful facility and grounds that shouts the Glory of God and is beneficial to our community. This includes playgrounds, inspiring garden and green spaces that can accessed by our neighborhood.